An Explanation of My Rating System

1. My rating system is simply about prioritization. On my main list my 6s, 7s, 8s, & 9s are ALL 10/10s in my book, but I strongly believe that some 10s are "better" than 10s. For instance... do I think The Hives' "Tyrannosaurus Hives" is AS GOOD AS Nirvana's "Nevermind"? No... but I love them both front-to-back and I definitely recommend them. In other words... 6/10s are just "low priority" 10/10s. Either way they are ALL examples of bands on their "A" game.

2. Albums with 3 STARS are 10/10 "S-Tier" major masterpieces which means that they really wowed me and are basically flawless. Albums with 2 STARS are my 9/10 "Honorable Mentions" which means that even though I think they're major masterpieces they do have some minor debatable flaws. Albums with 1 STAR are my 8/10 "Minor Gems" which means that they are very special and feel like minor masterpieces. The rest are 6s or 7s which means that they're decent (6) or good (7), but not masterpieces. 6/10s will say "6/10" above the album art.

3. When an artist's name is BOLDED that means they have at least one 3 STAR album.

4. "*****" next to an artist's name means they have at least one 1 STAR album (or 2 STARS).

5. Songs with a music video have an "*" next to it and clicking the song title will take you there.

6. Songs that stood out to me as great starting points will be BOLDED on an album's track-list. Basically these are catchy songs with excellent hooks and melodies (IGNORE THIS ONE. I GAVE UP ON IT lol).

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