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Hey everybody! My name is Cole and I've been researching music ever since I was 18. My mission in life is to find THE BEST MUSIC OF ALL-TIME! Or, in other words, to find bands on their "A" game. Also make sure to check out my Facebook page where I will only be posting my favorite individual song recordings OF ALL-TIME! To date I've checked out over 50,000 albums. By “checked out” what I mean is that I listen to the first 3 songs and if I don’t like them all then I skip to the next album in my queue. If I think the first 3 songs are interesting then I add the whole album to a separate playlist and I listen to it in its entirety at a later point in time. I also do this for films and video games on the side, and so far I’ve checked out over 2,200 films. When it comes to films I watch the first 15-20 minutes and decide from there if I think it’s interesting enough to bother watching the whole thing. You can find my film and video game sections as well as my album “Runner-Ups” page at the bottom of the home page. New content that has been added to this website, as well as any updated ratings, will be reported in the "New Additions & Ratings Updates" link.

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