Thursday, April 18, 2019

Welcome to The Music Hole!

This site is dedicated to showcasing albums that left a deep impression on me.

Helpful notes:

1. I recommend starting with the albums that have 3 STAR images.
2. "*****" Next to an artist's name indicates the link will contain at least one 3 STAR album.
3. Songs with a music video have an "*" next to it and clicking the song title will take you there.
4. Albums in the "Honorable Mentions / Guilty Pleasures" link at the bottom of this page are NOT listed in any other link. They are entirely separate from the rest of the site but are still worth checking out!

Albums By Decade:

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Albums by Artist:

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Albums By Genre:

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Artist Best ofs/Various Artist Compilations:

Greatest Hits/Compilations

** Albums You Need to Hear Before You Die **

** Let Me See 3 STAR Albums Only **

** Honorable Mentions / Guilty Pleasures **

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