Thursday, April 18, 2019

Welcome to The Music Hole!

My mission is to make exploring music history easy and fun by finding and sharing what I consider to be the world’s best albums. On the side I’m also doing this for video games and films (see the bottom of this page). I'm always trying to find new stuff to listen to and as of 1/18/2020 I have combed through over 35,000 albums. Just for context I listen to everything at the same high volume in a quiet room with my Audiotechnica M50x. I was a college radio DJ from 2005-2010 and have been obsessed with music in general since my teens. My name is Cole and I hope you enjoy this ongoing project of mine :o)

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** My Top 100 2010s Songs Playlist **
** A Few Reasons Why I Love the 80s Mix 🤓 **

Helpful notes:

1. Albums with 3 STAR images are among the best of all-time so I recommend starting with those.
2. "*****" Next to an artist's name indicates the link will contain at least one 3 STAR album.
3. Songs with a music video have an "*" next to it and clicking the song title will take you there.
4. The albums in my “Runner-Ups I’m Still Mulling Over” are separate and don’t appear in any other link.

*** The Best Albums of All-Time ***

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** My Top 50 Albums of the 1970s **

** My Top 50 Albums of the 1980s **

** My Top 50 Albums of the 1990s **

** My Top 50 Albums of the 2000s **

** My Top 50 Albums of the 2010s **

** Runner-Ups I’m Still Mulling Over **

** A Beginner's Guide to Appreciating Rap **

** Video Games You Need to Check Out **

** Films You Need to Check Out **