Thursday, April 18, 2019

Welcome to The Music Hole!

This site is dedicated to finding and showcasing albums that align with my music taste. I have combed through over 26,800 albums as of 9/16/2019 and I continue to keep up with new releases (This is my process - if I don't like track 1 I move on, but if I do like it then I will listen to the rest of the album and decide whether I want to add it to the site. This is my current progress for 2019). I was a college radio DJ from 2005-2010 and have been obsessed with music in general since my teens. My name is Cole and I hope you enjoy this ongoing art project of mine :)

Album Progress Playlists (current total = 26,800):
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Helpful notes:

1. Albums with 3 STAR images are my favorites and I recommend starting with those.
2. "*****" Next to an artist's name indicates the link will contain at least one 3 STAR album.
3. Songs with a music video have an "*" next to it and clicking the song title will take you there.
4. The "Interesting Albums I'm Still Mulling Over" list has completely different albums from the main lists (the Decade, Artist, Best of/VA Compilation ones. My main list contains the 9s and 10s). Make sure to check it out!

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** Interesting Albums I'm Mulling Over**

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