Thursday, April 18, 2019

Welcome to The Music Hole!

Welcome to The Music Hole - a one man project dedicated to being your #1 comprehensive source for the highest quality music, movie, and video game recommendations! My name is Cole and my goal is to find and share what I strongly believe to be the most remarkable aka the "best" works of art in music, movies, and video games (and occasionally books). I’m looking for unforgettable works that grip me right from the start and never let go. Simply put, this website is a database containing all my finds from over 20 years of research. As of 5/8/2023 I've checked out over 72,000 albums and almost 2,900 movies for this database. Musically speaking I'm primarily attracted to VERY strong hooks and melodies so if that's what you're into I think you'll really enjoy my picks. Hope you find some new favorites!

Note: I fully recommend any album rated 6/10 or higher on this site but 7/10s+ in particular are all classics aka masterpieces as far as I'm concerned. 5/10s are definitely worth a listen and recommend them with some hesitation because they have some more noticeable flaws in my opinion which is why I call them "Flawed Gems".

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