Thursday, April 18, 2019

Welcome to The Music Hole!

My mission is to provide guidance to those who are curious about exploring music but don't know where to start. I try my best to find albums that successfully merge accessibility with artistic integrity. Think of these albums as the start of your journey down a massive musical rabbit hole! My name is Cole and I hope you enjoy this ongoing project of mine :o)

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** My Top 100 2010s Songs Playlist **
** A Few Reasons Why I Love the 80s Mix 🤓 **
** Local Vinyl Night Playlists **

Helpful notes:

1. Albums with 3 STAR images are what I consider to be the BEST albums to start with.
2. "*****" Next to an artist's name indicates the link will contain at least one 3 STAR album.
3. Songs with a music video have an "*" next to it and clicking the song title will take you there.

*** The Best Albums to Start With ***

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** Video Games You Need to Check Out **

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