Albums That Were Almost Honorable Mentions

** This list is a work-in-progress. Some of these albums might get UPGRADED, DOWNGRADED, or REMOVED entirely **

5/10s - These are decent "flawed gem" type albums that are definitely worth a listen but I don't FULLY recommend them. There are three reasons why I didn't feel confident enough to FULLY recommend them: 1. they are simply decent overall,  2. half of the songs are good and the other half I can't stand listening to, or 3. they are well-made but sound too "dated" (like Gang Starr for example). Dated albums are best enjoyed by people who are really big fans of the genre. Because of these flaws I don't feel confident calling them "must listens". Also- sometimes these albums have a singer that's too love-it-or-hate-it (like with Big Thief).



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