Honorable Mentions - Albums

** This list is a work-in-progress. Some of these albums might get UPGRADED, DOWNGRADED, or REMOVED entirely **

6/10s - Albums I liked enough to fully recommend but didnt like enough to call a classic/masterpiece. Calling something a "classic" aka a "masterpiece" to me is a big deal so I try my best to be very picky about that. A few albums on here could arguably deserve a much higher rating... but it boiled down to: 1. me not liking the singer very much (ex: The Tallest Man On Earth, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever...), 2. me thinking the sound was a little too dated (ex: Young MC, The Crickets, Buddy Holly...), or 3. me thinking it did sound like a classic but every song was only a 3/5 so a rating of 6/10 felt like it made sense (ex: the metal/hardcore albums). 







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