Standout Songs from Non-Tier 1 Albums


Good-to-Amazing (aka 8/10 -> 10/10) singles and album tracks from NON-Tier 1 albums (I didn’t include songs from Tier 1 albums because those albums are great front-to-back and I just want you to listen to them in full). I started at 1971 because songs previous to that year have a very different sound in my opinion (plus all those mono recordings). Enjoy!

If you don't use Spotify or if my playlists somehow get deleted I have written down all of my playlists on this page here:

The 2020s


GOLDEN OLDIES (Up to 1970):

I tend to be biased against mono recordings and the 1960s had a mix of stereo and mono hits. For that reason I made a seperate playlist for 1960s mono recordings (Pre-1960 songs are mostly mono so I didn't bother doing it for them).

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