The Best Debut Albums of All Time

Current total: 251 albums (I know that's a LOT, but trust me they are ALL worth a listen). It's possible I might change my mind and remove some albums over time.

(As of 11/20/2023 I have checked out almost 72,000 albums to arrive at this list)

These are all of the debut albums that I have heard and enjoy listening to in full over and over again (some big, famous albums may not be on here because either I havent heard them yet or I have and honestly dont enjoy listening to them). I can say with confidence that I think every open-minded music lover should hear these at least once. That said some of these albums are definitely way better than others, but I think all of them are worth a listen. I have decided to allow 1. solo albums from artists that were in bands that had a good debut album already (like George Harrison, Raekwon, or Iggy Pop for example), 2. artist collaborations (like the Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile or Crosby, Stills & Nash collaboration albums), and 3. artist side projects/new bands (like Viktor Vaughn, Sugar, or Sun Kil Moon). Please note that the first picture below is my attempt at a top 100 debut albums list in alphabetical order when this list was ONLY rock, pop, & country albums (the selection is based on the ratings I gave each album on this site). The albums in the other pictures are simply in alphabetical order (although new additions will disrupt the alphabetical order). What are some of YOUR favorite debut albums? Comment below! And I hope you find some new favorites!

Note: if I make any edits/additions I will note it at the top of this page with the date of the change. New albums will be added to the LAST image.

My Top 100 Rock/Pop/Country debut albums of all time in alphabetical order:
The rest (starts off in alphabetical order but new additions are added after Yeah Yeah Yeahs):

Fun BONUS Stuff:

1. New Spotify Playlists: each mix has 50 of my FAVORITE more "hidden gem" type rock songs from three different time periods: the 80s, the 90s, and since the year 2000.

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