The 1980s

The number in "( )" indicates how many recommended albums that artist has. The number in "[ ]" indicates how many BOLDED songs an artist has.



The Cars (1) [7]
Dinosaur Jr. (1) [7]
Felt (1) [3]
Ferron (1)
The Go-Betweens (1) [7]
The Gun Club (1) [2]
Marshall Crenshaw (1) [6] ** Youtube Only ** 
Minutemen (1) [1]
Pixies (1) [8]
R.E.M. (2)
Rush (1)
The Smiths (2) [15]
The Sound (1)
Squeeze (1) [4]
U2 (1) [4]
XTC (1)


  1. What? No Kate Bush "Hounds of Love"? Produced by Kate in her home studio at age 26, it's a total masterpiece and still holds up. Side A has the "hits" the record label demanded before they'd agree to letting her produce it. Side B is a wild ride, a story told over 7 songs and the mixing on it is incredible

  2. Recently started my own similar journey, but only done the 80s so far. My (much shorter) list includes:

    Blue Oyster Cult - Club Ninja
    Blue Oyster Cult - Fire of Unknown Origin
    The Cure - Boys Don't Cry
    The Cure - Seventeen Seconds
    Dio - All albums
    Flock of Seagulls - Flock of Seagulls
    Guadalcanal Diary - Walking in the Shadow of the Big Man
    Guns n Roses - Appetite For Destruction
    Husker Du - Candy Apple Grey
    Pixies - Doolittle
    Primal Scream - Primal Scream
    Siouxsie and The Banshees - Kaleidoscope
    Stone Roses - Stone Roses
    Violent Femmes - Violent Femmes

    so definitely a bit of overlap there.