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** Note: if a movie doesn't really capture my attention within 10-15 minutes I give up on it and move on to the next movie in my queue. In other words what I'm saying is that every 5/10+ movie on this site grabbed my attention within 10-15 minutes **

I consider any film rated 6/10 or higher on this site to be a must see movie (6/10 being just remarkable enough to fully recommend) even though some are definitely "better" than others (hence my attempt at a rating system). The 7/10s+ though are classics which means they are the kinds of movies that you can watch over and over again and never get sick of. Now... maybe some 6s should really be 7s... or maybe some 7s should really be 8s... (rating things accurately out of 10 is hard) but in a general sense what I'm saying is that I recommend any film rated 6/10 or higher. The only movies I will ever put on this site are movies that I personally enjoy watching so that means that if some big, famous movies are NOT on this list that means that I dont really enjoy watching them.

Tier 1-3 movies aka 8s (Very Good), 9s (Great), and 10s (Amazing) are major classics. These movies have an excellent mix of both high entertainment value and great artistic sensibility. 

Tier 4 movies are 7/10 Good classics. Minor classics met my minimum standard of quality for earning "classic" status (I try not to throw that word around too much) which means that they either have more obvious problems than my 8s+ OR they are not quite as exciting or interesting as my 8s+.

Tier 5 movies are 6/10 Near Classics aka Honorable Mentions. Honorable Mentions are solid movies that are just good enough to recommend but not good enough to be considered “classics".

Tier 6 are my Decent movies & Fun Guilty Pleasures aka my 4/10s & 5/10s. I recommend every Decent movie but wouldn't go so far as to consider them "must see" movies unlike my 6/10+ rated films. The most common problem I have with these movies is that they don't have enough depth and are therefore not satisfying enough experiences. On the other hand the ones that are meant to be pure popcorn flicks are not exciting enough to be must sees. My Fun Guilty Pleasure picks are very obviously flawed, and yet I was still glad I watched them. They are basically the worst movies I’ve seen that still hold some sort of entertainment value. Some are hilariously so bad they're good, and some have just enough charm or are unique enough where it's worth watching them just once.

** Note: I am currently rewatching these to see if any should be upgraded or downgraded **


More Recommended Movies:

Bonus Movies (Recommended but NOT “Must See” Movies):



Major Classics - Amazing & Great Movies:
Title = 9/10 Great Movies aka Tier 2
Title = 10/10 Amazing Movies aka Tier 3

The Wizard of Oz - Family

Bambi - Family

2001: A Space Odyssey - Artsy Cult Film
A Clockwork Orange - Cult Film
Eraserhead - Artsy Cult Film
Star Wars: A New Hope [Original Theatrical Version] - Cult Film
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory - Cult Family Film

Akira - Cult Film
Aliens - Cult Film
Back to the Future - Family
Blade Runner - Cult Film
The Breakfast Club - Cult Film
Das Boot [Director’s Cut]
Die Hard - Cult Film
Do the Right Thing - Cult Film
The Thing - Cult B-Movie

Clerks - Cult Comedy
The Fifth Element - Cult Film
Fight Club - Cult Film
Home Alone - Family
Leon: The Professional [Theatrical Cut] Action B-Movie (this movie features extremely controversial content and is definitely not for everyone)
Office Space - Cult Comedy
Princess Mononoke - Cult Film
Sling Blade [starts off a bit slow for the first 10 or so minutes]
Total Recall - Creative Action B-Movie
Toy Story - Family
Toy Story 2 - Family
American Psycho - Cult Film
Dogville - Artsy Cult Film
Finding Nemo - Family
Ghost World - Cult Film
Ponyo - Family
Wall-E - Family

The Babadook - Creative
Inside Out - Family
The Tree of Life - Artsy Cult Film

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