Films You Should See Before You Die

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In general I'm a little more lenient with my movie picks than with my album picks. This particular page is for my “top tier picks” which means that A. I consider them to be very impressive, B. I think that they will probably appeal to a large number of people, and C. I really think that everyone ought to see them at least once. I highly recommend checking out my cult films list next, although I will admit that many cult films aren't going to appeal to everyone (especially when it comes to the movies tagged as "Awful", "B-Movie" or "Comedy"). I've created a 3-tiered recommendation system to let you know how strongly I currently feel about each top tier movie. Tier 1 films, which are supposed to be the most impressive and timeless movies I've ever seen, are in BOLD. Tier 2 movies are designated by "*****" and the rest are Tier 3.


Cult Films

King Kong *****
Ugetsu *****
Ghost World *****

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