Films You Should See Before You Die

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My FAVORITE films of all-time aka movies I’m IN LOVE with. They continue to impress me every time I see them and I really think everybody should check them out. I know that some of you will be shocked that I'm not a fan of certain well-regarded films like "Citizen Kane", for example, but I'm just being honest. I've created a 3-tiered recommendation system to let you know how strongly I currently feel about each top tier movie: 

Title = Good
Title = Great


Cult Films

Once Upon a Time in America (hang in there during the phone ringing part)
The Princess Bride


  1. How could I take any list seriously, such as this, that doesn't include Casablanca, Mutiny On The Bounty (1935), The Letter, White Heat, It's A Gift, Inherit The Wind, Duck Soup, M*A*S*H or The Devil and Miss Jones? These are all iconic films. Call me when you get a little more experience, Kid.

  2. Agree that Casablanca and Duck Soup belong here. Also think Apocalypse Now deserves AT LEAST stars; I think it should be in bold. Some of the ones in bold clearly aren’t at that level. I mean, the Neverending Story gets stars, but not Apocalypse Now? I watched Neverending Story on repeat as a kid, and have a certain fondness for it, but the acting and effects are laughable. Also needed on here Stalker, 8 1/2, Mel Brookes films like the Producers and Young Frankenstein. How do you have Naussica on here but not Totoro? Generally an other good list you’ve got running here.

  3. I just realized Laurence of Arabia isn’t on this list. I know it’s slow, but it’s also brilliant. Oh, and Being There

  4. A list that features Chungking Express is probably legit

  5. You missed a couple amazing movies from the 80s… Black Rain & Tequila Sunrise

  6. " MUSIC HOLE " movie is very trash and funky ! ( new french and belgium movie! )

    1. " MUSIC HOLE " movie is very trash and funny ! ( new french and belgium movie! )